Our next update has been submitted to Apple for review. We have added two much demanded and needed features to this  release:  4k x 4k renderings for iPad Pro and a multi strength eraser.

I am very excited about erasure as it brings additional functionality to the lifting of colors. I have always wanted to lift colors without any edge impressions, but have not been able to get around that. While visiting Tish Brennan as she demonstrated what she needed for her work, a multi strength eraser popped up in my head. With a multi strength eraser, it is possible to control the strength of the eraser, and have better control over the lifting of colors.

Here it is in action..

I am sure a lot of you will be happy to have this functionality as I have received many emails asking for a similar feature.

I was also happy to see a review from DoKiDoKi Drawing on Youtube. It’s always good to have different people review the app, as it tells us more about what is liked and what is needed.

That’s all for now folks. Happy Friday!