In the early 90s, I was living in Sydney, Australia, working with a great team and creating computer animated work that would have stood up well next to the best of the best in the world. Our director and my boss Mike Trebert was a great designer. Everyone loved him and his work once they got to know him. The trouble was, not too many people knew of him. The solution that was suggested to us was to come up with a print campaign. In a series of ads that I Photoshopped, he was shown standing next to famous personalities like Einstein, Gandhi and others like them. The copy of the ad read “Oh that’s Mike Trebert, but who’s next to him?” The campaign was a huge success.

I find Auryn Ink to be in a similar situation. We have had such a strong demonstration of love and support from our user community that I am sure very few apps receive. Once people who are interested in watercolor get to try us, they love what we do. Our family of users is always giving us ideas for improvements and we keep striving to make it better. In spite of it all, downloads remain at a low.

We remain hopeful that one day every watercolorist in the world would be using Auryn Ink on their mobile devices. I know a lot of you have shared Auryn Ink with your friends and passionately asked them to give it a try. We thank you for that. There are others who have tried again and again to get the hang of watercolor using Ink and still have not given up. If it wasn’t for your consistent demonstration of Auryn Ink’s capabilities, well beyond our imagination, we would have nothing to look forward to.

Here are a few of you who I would like to recognize by naming them.They list  in random order. If I missed someone please don’t consider it an act of betrayal, it is still too early in the morning! 🙂

So a Big Thank you to:

Sylvia Lynch, June Rydgren, Tish Brennan, Adam Aaron, Subir Das, Susi Hokenek, Lunoday, William Arrandale, Ehot Yun, David Baron, Randel Washburne, Sathish BR, Soertch, Munsifali, Sebohannon, Colin Worth, Kate Barber, Mike Ryon, Yvrm, pixiebiscuituk, vipu makwana, pasticciando, Jlig5, sketch-fossil, samupressart, krickelsownart

Thanks for keeping the faith.