Since Auryn Ink’s 1st release, we have wanted to have a built-in pressure sensitivity support for various styluses. However, there were so many other issues to take care of, that it slipped way down our priority list. Apple’s release of iPencil gave us a good reason to bring it up the priority list. It was not us alone – many of our iPad pro users wanted us to include the support, and luckily, our list of things to do has also shrunk.

We’ve finally included a pressure sensitive stroke in our last update. The ability to draw thick and thin lines is already being reflected in brilliant work, already being produced. The partial painting you see on the featured image of this post, was created by Randel Washburne who shared his painting with us on the Auryn Ink user group on Facebook.

We are currently working on support for Adonit and should be releasing an update with it in the coming weeks. We were also approached by a Kickstarter startup from Dublin who have created a Stylus called Scriba. I had a Skype conversation with them to understand their release plans and we will have support for it when it is released.

A lot of you have asked for paper 53 Pencil support. I have personally gone to their developers’ registration page twice, registered and asked for the Developer’s Kit, but have not heard back from them. Its been over a period of a few of months. So to our users who use Pencil by Paper 53, we can’t do anything about it yet.

Our Facebook user group is growing and its great to see tips and tricks being shared. We ourselves are learning a lot by following these conversations.

And lastly, thanks to some of you, we have also discovered a bug in the gallery that causes images to disappear from the gallery once you have saved over 9 paintings. It is a display related issue, meaning the images never get deleted but simply start to randomly display or hide themselves once the number crosses 9 paintings. We are on it and will release a fix as soon as we can.