Last week came with a lot of learning for me. The first was that services like The Pixeler exist and the second that artists need support between their work and the print shops or galleries.

I was approached by June Rydgren who wanted to put up some of her work for collection at The Pixeler. The website had certain submission requirements that June had to meet, for her to be able to sell her work. We at Auryn had some some work with texture synthesis in the past, and I knew that making Auryn Ink images into a printable resolution would not be an issue. June’s request gave me an opportunity to try taking the output from her iPad and enlarging it to meet the requirements set by the gallery. The results are very encouraging. Here is one of her paintings from iPad that I enlarged 600%. Notice how even after such a huge enlargement, the details hold up nicely. (Bear in mind that the enlarged images have been zoomed out so that they can fit in the page.)


Of course we were not the only app that June used, so I also converted a few of her paintings that she had done using Paper53. Here are the results of that conversion – again, the details carried through pretty nicely.


The next experiments were with some of the paintings done by Tish Brennan. Here I chose to enlarge her painting 1000%. The enlarged image is a staggering 10240 pixels wide. Tish printed it on her home printer on a 11×16 paper and told me that the image quality was excellent.


I am going to put up an upload button for Auryn Ink users to send us their work if they want to enlarge it and sell it in galleries.

Bye for now from sunny California!