Recently I received an email from a user who was using Auryn Ink on a iPod. She informed me that every time she tried to import images to Auryn Ink, the app crashed. Soon there was another email from a different user informing me that importing sketches onto her iPad mini was causing the app to crash. It took us a short while to figure out the cause. It was related to the memory available on devices and our update with multiple undo. We have since updated the app and  it would automatically adjust itself based on the available memory to avoid crashes.

When I pad 1 was released in 2010 it came with 256 MB of memory. iPad 2 was released with 512 MB and iPad 3 and subsequent models had 1GB. iPad pro boasts a memory size of 4GB. Having stared with 128 MB of memory iPhone 6S now carries 2GB of memory.

Here are some of the dilemmas we as developer face. Auryn Ink’s watercolor simulation engine relies on the system memory for its looks, feel and speed. With more memory we could offer better resolution, faster simulation and even more undo or redo options. At one point we were thinking of making Auryn Ink compatible with only newer devices, but that would have meant for us to release Auryn Ink as a new app with a new name due to Apple policy. More importantly though we would have had to abandon our current users and task hem to purchase the app again. It would probably have given us some extra cash but we chose to stick with our current users and grow together.

So what do we get in return to keep all our users in mind? a review like the following from a user who works with iPad Pro 🙂

This is the first time I felt compelled to leave a review. This app is very underwhelming. The resolution is flat out embarrassing when viewed on iPad pro. At best, this app should be free and it would still be disappointing. Was excited about its potential, but will stick to Procreate and Adobe Sketch.

Some of you who are using iPad Pro may ask why don’t we release a iPad pro version. That’s a thought that has crossed our minds as well but developing and maintaining different versions costs time and money. As we are a small team we want to spend our time improving on more critical areas.

But we do listen to you and for those asking for Pencil support, you just have to wait for our next update that uses the tilt feature of pencil.

To close the chapter on renaming Auryn Ink, we have received more votes in favor than against keeping the name. So we will keep the name as is. Thanks to all who participated in the poll.