Recently I received an email from one of our Australian users who thanked us for bringing Auryn Ink to life. He was glad he said, that he doesn’t have to spend tons of money on watercolor tubes or paper and for less than the price of a single tube of color, he was getting to play with watercolors.

Emails of that kind obviously make me feel really good about the effort that we put in behind Auryn Ink. At the same time, when I see the users of our app as opposed to other painting apps,  it becomes clear to me that Auryn Ink has a learning curve that a lot of people just don’t have the desire to master. Its far easier to pick up something that falls within traditional drawing and painting methods in the digital painting realm.

I have often wondered if our users would have had a less difficult path to follow (and in return we would have more sales and all the rewards that come with it), if we chose to do an oil or pastel app. But then again, I look at the what we have created and feel convinced every time the doubt occurs, that what we chose to do was the right decision. What we are offering our users is not how to fake watercolor, or create watercolor-like images, but to learn  the nuances of watercolor in an environment that takes the costs and messiness of the medium away, and still offer pretty decent results.

So thank you for letting us know what we are doing right and please do keep sending us emails. Keep posting and sharing your work to inspire others and us!