When we released the 1st version of Auryn Ink, the only iPad around was iPad 1, a heavy device with no camera. Since then a lot has changed, especially the speed and graphic performance on these devices. Here is a chart from Apple than explains it better


One area where the increase in speed effected us greatly was in water evaporation. With slower speed, the water took its time evaporating and in turn gave us enough time to blend and mix colors. With new devices that time was cut short drastically.

I receive a couple of emails from users running the latest iPhones, wondering if we could do something about it. As I’ve mentioned before, our tech team is super talented. One short discussion later, I was told that yes, we would have total control over the evaporation of water. “What happens when the control is set to 0?” I asked. “Water remains on the paper forever” I was told. So there you have it, a water evaporation control slider, another tool in your palette to expand your creativity.